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Hello friends welcome, in this post on our blog today, we are going to share you the Desi whatsapp group link 2020 , through which you will be able to easily join the desi whatsapp group, desi people have much more popularity in India.

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So in this post, if you also want to connect with desi people or have your conversation, in this post we will give you desi whatsapp group link 2020, and desi whatsapp group link pakistan and desi desi whatsapp group and all other types of desi whatsapp group Gonna share with


So without any delay, go towards your post and know more about desi whatsapp group link 2018. But before joining Whatsapp group, you must follow the rules given below.


Follow the Rules of the group after joining the group-

If you want to join this group that has fallen down, then you have to follow this road, after that you can join the group.

  1. Honor all members of the group.
  2. There are no personal chats on the group.
  3. Do not change the group icon and group name, without permission.
  4. Without permission, do not add any new candidates.
  5. If you encounter any problems, contact the group administrator via message.
  6. No personal content / YouTube videos will be shared in the group.
  7. No Wrong  content / videos will be shared in the group.
  8. Do not post any religious material.

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So in this post, we have shared every type of Desi whatsapp group link for you, in which you share bhabhi whatsapp group, desi whatsapp link, desi tamil whatsapp group link, hope that the post of whatsapp group link will prove beneficial for you. Surely share on social media and you can also share your WhatsApp group by commenting.
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